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TPC at Sawgrass Stadium Course

All I have to say is "Island Green" and almost all Warrior Golf enthusiasts will know what I am talking about. Yes, I speak of the TPC at Sawgrass Stadium Course, located in Ponte Verda Beach, FL, and considered by many to be one of the hardest golf courses in the world by all Warrior Golfers.

It is known for its burdensome design, including the infamous 17th island hole, otherwise known as the Island Green. The Island Green is by far one of the most recognizable and difficult holes in all of Warrior Golf. The course features have been described as "eating Warrior Golf," which entails narrow fairways lined with hazards, such as waste bunkers, which are long strips of sand that are never maintained. The course also features many deep pot bunkers that are strategically placed to catch even the slightest misplaced Warrior Golf shots.

Nothing has given Warrior Golfers more headaches than the 17th hole. The Island Green scares even the top Warrior Golfers with their best Warrior Custom Golf Clubs, consisting of nothing but a 78 foot green, a small bunker, and water surrounding the whole thing. Your Warrior Custom Golf ball either hits the green or the water; there is no margin for error for the Warrior Golfer. It is estimated that over 100,000 Warrior Custom Golf balls are recovered from the water surrounding the green every year. Interestingly enough, the most infamous hole in golf was conceived by accident. The original design called for a simple par three green partially surrounded by water. However, the soil surrounding the 17th hole consisted of sand, which is necessary to build a solid course, but was hard to come by on the swampy property. Pulling all the sand from the 17th hole for use on the rest of the course left a huge crater, thus creating what we now know today to be the Island Green to all Warrior Golfers.

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